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    You step in gum

    • ADHD / ADD freeSources

      20 Special Needs Parenting Tips For Sticky Situations by Karen Wang - "Do not keep paper towels or toilet paper on a roller at home. Don’t buy a camera or cell phone unless it’s waterproof. If you choose to wear expensive items such as a watch, you must accept the fact that it will end up flushed down your toilet." And 17 more... "

    • Frank C. Hawkins

      Contrary to what you’ve heard, swallowed gum does not remain in your stomach for seven years, although it does stay on the bottom of your shoe for about that long.

    • Mindful Living Network®

      Spitting your gum on the ground is just as mindless as littering! #MindlessLiving

    • Elizabeth

      Do you ever just feel STUCK? Like something is holding you back? No, not just gum on the bottom of your shoe (though that is an awful kind of stuck), but the bigger things -- stuck because of fear, trust, anger, worry, regret, confusion. Our stuck places are the very places that make us ache for God. Join us as we study STUCK and take an honest look at the fight going on inside. Monday nights ( starts 2/18, 7 p.m.) at DC Metro Church. Join:

    • Cindi Covins Barger

      Gum stuck to your shoe.

    • Rona Ware

      You step in gum

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