12 Things to do in November to get ready for Christmas. Really good list!

A "Favorite Things" Party -- Love this idea! "Each guest brings their favorite item (5 of the same thing) costing around $6 and a favorite treat or dish to share with everyone!"

12 Days of Christmas~~Gift Idea~

time capsule ornament // say yes to hoboken

Christmas Kisses Treat Jars

I'm going to start this next year....some random person in my neighborhood. Hang it on their mailbox! ;)

50 things to do at Christmas time! Really great ideas for new family traditions!

The 12 Lays of Christmas - I did this for hubby last Christmas and he was surprised that I put so much thought into it. It was really fun! Your turn..

Christmas traditions to start with your spouse: SO MANY great ideas!

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a word search with everyone's names. circle the name of the recipient.

Room Accents


LOVE THIS! Preserve your child’s Christmas list in an ornament every year. Wish I would have thought of this many years ago @ Home Design Pins

12 Days of Christmas focused on learning about Christ

Winter to do List copy

An easy holiday party game where guests accumulate points for being the most ready for Christmas.

Serving Tray for Christmas made out of peppermints. Coolest thing ever. Might be this years holiday gift with cookies for families!!

Tradition Idea list! LOVE this for when the kids are out of school to keep them busy! :)