Rafe Sadler (possible portrait), Cromwell's chief clerk by Hans Holbein.

Katherine of Aragon at age 11. Wife to Prince Arthur and then Henry VIII, mother to Queen Mary I

Thomas Cromwell by Hans Holbein the Younger

in 1533,King Henry VIII's newborn daughter by Queen Anne Boleyn,Princess Elizabeth,was christened at Greenwich Palace in the Chapel of Observant Friars.This was a lavish ceremony,planned by King Henry and the rest of the palace,although he did not attend the christening.Elizabeth, only three days old at the time,was processed down a long green carpet from the Great Hall in the palace to the Chapel.She was flanked by her Godparents,Thomas Cranmer and the Duchess of Norfolk...

Portrait of a lady by Hans Holbein the younger.

King Henry VIII, c. 1535 by Joos van Cleve.

Hans Holbein the Younger, "Sir Thomas More", 1527


Anne Boleyn by Hans Holbein(Younger)

This wonderful miniature by Holbein ( large- it is approx 6" across) is of one of Henry Vlll 's personal attendants. Perhaps it was commissioned by the King as a mark of particular favour.

Hans Holbein The Younger -self portrait

Henry FitzRoy, 1st Duke of Richmond and Somerset, was the son of King Henry VIII of England and his teenage mistress, Elizabeth (Bessie) Blount. He was the only illegitimate offspring whom Henry acknowledged. He was born in 1519, and married Lady Mary Howard at the age of 14. He died childless in 1536 when he was just 17.

Sir Richard Southwell by Hans Holbein the younger

Anne of Cleves Hans Holbein

Hans Holbein, date1535 (a preparation study for a known 'portrait of a man' in the Royal Collection - it has been suggested this is Sir Ralph Sadler (or Sadleir) (b.1507 – d.1587) Secretary of State for King Henry VIII who would have been 28 at the time. | Royal Collection Trust

Hans Holbein the Younger

Hans Holbein the younger - Unknown man

A sketch of Jane Seymour by Hans Holbein the Younger http://tudorhistory.org/seymour/janesey.jpg

Hans Holbein Self Portrait Hans holbein the younger

Portrait of a Man with a Falcon - Hans Holbein the Younger

Portrait of Thomas Cromwell, c.1533 by Hans Holbein the Younger