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    Latino lovebirds

    Look at all the lovebirds!!!!



    Cuddly Lovebirds - so cute and so loud when they screech!

    Beautiful Yellow ~ Little Lutino Budgy



    incredible vibrant colours

    Norwegian Blue

    I love Lovebirds!!!

    colored birds

    Lutino Lovebird

    Just.....amazing. Simply amazing.


    Sun Parakeet or Sun Conure (Aratinga solstitialis) is a medium-sized brightly colored parrot native to northeastern South America. The adult male and female are similar in appearance, with predominantly golden-yellow plumage and orange-flushed underparts and face. It is commonly kept in aviculture. The species is endangered, threatened by loss of habitat and trapping for the pet trade #orangeoday #orange #color #birds #animals

    Saddle-billed Stork (Ephippiorhynchus senegalensis) with crab lunch.

    "Tufted Titmouse in Spring" by Allison Trentelman