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Wedding photo idea :) would love to do this as a Christmas card or just a cute pic!


Why We Love It: We love the sweet signs in this photo!Why You Love It: "Really sweet" —Weddings in Surrey "How cute is that!" —Terri K.

So cute.. a picture together before the wedding without seeing eachother, I love it.

Wedding Traditions Explained

Reminds me of my wedding photo. So sweet.This bride and groom managed to take pre-ceremony photos without actually seeing each other: behind a door. (Photo by Gina Leigh, via PBFingers)


Kissing the "frog" wedding photo :)

For wedding couples..even though they are not kissing this is a great photo capturing love in a fun way!

42 Impossibly Fun Wedding Photo Ideas You’ll Want To Steal - The Idea King

Bi ömür var mısın <3

Bi ömür var mısın <3


This collection of 150 Most Romantic Muslim Couples Islamic Wedding Pictures will simply blow up you.

Sümer Tabletlerİ

Wedding or couple photography pose idea

Try recreate this with helium balloons

Wedding photography (jump with umbrella) except I would be the one jumping and with my future Mary Poppins umbrella. Or I could also act like I'm stepping off a crate getting ready to fly away with my umbrella. Either way I get my MP moment :)

Bride and groom child pictures

Groom and Bride holding childhood photos of themselves makes for an adorable picture!

It seems that the next generation of kids will have a lot of fun competing about whose parents had a cooler and scarier attack on their wedding day. Take a look yourself – these pictures will definitely give you some great ideas for your next wedding!

Newest Trend- Crazy Wedding Party Attack Pictures. If I ever get married.for one thing, I will be the one holding the lightsaber, but I will have to get divorced immediately after if there is not a fight about that.


Fort Worth Wedding at Mainstay Farm from smitten photography

To marry a man who is this excited to marry me! :) your own real life spin on the breakfast club fist pump

Oh god. Oh god everything about this is terrible. I can't begin--too many things to make fun of--so bad--brain--short-circuiting--

Cute pic for the bedroom, sexy wedding photo idea, bride with red shoes and groom lifting skirt. definitely a different color shoe

When your with the one you love everything else fades out and you only focus on them.

This is a beautiful wedding pic idea!

I love this! Even if you don't have groomsmen, you could do something similar with the grooms male friends. Hilarious!

To Make Your Wedding Unforgettable: 30 Super Fun Wedding Photo Ideas

Even if you don't have groomsmen, you could do something similar with the grooms male friends.

sparkler wedding pics

The Best Wedding Photos of 2014

Sparklers at weddings: magical moments. brides, bring some sparklers to your wedding. ask your photographer to use long exposure (or the bulb option), place the camera on a tripod and you draw your picture with your sparkler.