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wow ugly! I think they still might make these....

autograph book (I still have mine filled with autographs from 6th grade :-)

At the end of the school year, we would pass these around and let our friends sign them or write little sayings. Oh, the memories. :)

Sparkzilla and Friends, photo by Patti Sundstrom: Stupendous spark spitting wind up toy. #Sparkzilla #Patti_Sundstrom

I remember getting one of these. Sadly, I do not know what ever happened to it.

Hand painted leather bags. My friends and I had ones just like this... loved them, but MAN did the leather smell funny!

"Vintage 70's birthday card" by bewitchedmagic on Flickr. How cute. I remember getting cards like this...

Before there were computers, books were checked out this way.

Getting a handwritten letter from a friend or relative. I still get them from my grandmother.

I had an autograph dog, did you?

Launched in March 1959. Barbie becomes the ultimate 60s girl. American businesswoman Ruth Handler is credited with the creation of Barbie using a German doll called Bild Lilli as her inspiration.

Vintage Aluminum Measuring Spoon ...I still have my mother's set ... love them