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IT TAKES TWO, OHHHH MY GOSH. Sarah, remember how we would act out the slamming-into-each-other-in-the-woods part? Maybe THAT is how we ended up as weird as we are now. Literally we knocked the normalcy out of ourselves.

OMG so sweet!! Every Girls Dream!! Her Knight in Shining Armor, or I'd like to say My Man smeared in grease, smells like diesel, wearing his boots, and has eyes for only me! Oh and on his days off, wears camo, hunts and goes muddin'! He's all mine!! vk~

You'll be in my heart--always! Disney's Tarzan had come out a few months before Bill got sick. Someone painted a bunch of Disney characters on the windows at U of M hospital and let patients choose one to put their name on. We chose Tarzan for Bill.