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Console of the 1924 E.M. Skinner (which we maintain) at the Legion of Honor in San Francisco.

Close-up shot of the Legion of Honor E.M. Skinner 4-manual console

Yes...traps! This is the Legion Skinner!

Ed Stout in the organ shop, in front of the partially reassembled console of the St. Paul's Burlingame Skinner we just finished rebuilding.

Setnor Auditorium: Crouse College, Syracuse University

David Calendine explains how the organ console works.

The Inner Workings Of A Pipe Organ And How It Works,

My boss and friend, Ed Stout, in the Legion of Honor organ.

Highly decorated organ pipes in the Church of San Jeronimo Tlacochahuaya in Oaxaca, Mexico. Too much whimsey for me, seems irreverent.

Ed Stout and the San Jose California Theatre Wurlitzer's pipework.

More pipework in the California Theatre Wurlitzer, which we maintain.

Worcester Cathedral: Organ Pipes

Amorbach, Abteikirche, Stumm-Orgel (Abbey Church, Stumm pipe organ)

Elaborate Pipe Organ - Rom, Corso Vittorio Emanuele II., Chiesa Nuova (Santa Maria in Navicella), Orgel (pipe organ)

Pipe Organ

grandma had an organ in her living room...but her stool was square