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    Ginkgo biloba

    botanybecca: Working on a presentation on ginkgo at the moment. This is a beautiful image from Siebold and Zuccarini’s Flora Japonica from ...

    :: n136_w1150 by BioDivLibrary, via Flickr ::

    Piper umbellatum by peacay, via Flickr

    Scientific Illustration, vintage line drawing of thistley type flower


    fern botanicals


    Ginkgo Biloba (σαλιβουρία ή γίνκο το δίλοβο) and also known as the maidenhair tree.


    Légumes et Plantes Potagères. Illustré par Adolphe Millot dans Larousse pour tous [1907-1910]

    Lavender|Lavandula angustifolia used in love magic, also connected to fertility. associated with midsummer festivals and is used to attract the Fae.herb of Mercury and Air is known and loved for its calming, antidepressent effects. used in herbal sleep pillows to help against insomnia. Make a nice lavender oil by soaking the buds in olive oil for at least one Moon cycle (keep in a dark, slightly warm place while infusing)

    Needle-leaved conifers: 2- and 3-needle pines, spruce, fir, Douglas fir, cedar, larch.


    Gymnadenia is a herbaceous plant belonging to the family Orchidaceae. A) Gymnadenia Conopsea , Fragrant Orchid. The name of the genus Gymnadenia is formed from Greek words (gymnós, "nude") and (adēn, "gland") and refers to the characteristics of the organs for secreting nectar. B) Gymnadenia Odoratissima is a European endemic orchid .The species can be found up to 2,700 m altitude. Wahlström and Widstrand, Stokholmh 1917 - 1926

    Botanical - Flore des Seres et Des Jardins de L'Europe - Pumpkin (Cucumis melo)

    Eaton Antique Prints of Ferns 1879

    Free Lavender Botanical Print - make your own roll down botanical chart

    USDA Pomological Watercolor Collection Ohmer Blackberry (1816) by Royal G. Steadman

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    Magazine botanical illustration cover art by Katie Scott. Contemporary