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The Notebook Quotes Tattoos

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My newest addition by Matt Thayer. Nicholas sparks quote #nopunctuation #tattoo

Notebook 3

The Notebook Movie Quotes

Nicolas Sparks

Nick Sparks


Nicholas D'Agosto

Talented Nicholas

Quote Memes

Sayings Quotes Pt 6

Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook.


30+ Matching Tattoos For Couples Who Are in It to Win It

Anniversary Dates

Anniversary Tattoos

Anniversary Matching

Anniversary Planning

Numerals Anniversary

Wedding Date Tattoos

Wedding Ring Tattoo Ideas

Roman Numeral Wedding Date Tattoo

Wedding Finger Tattoo

Wedding anniversary matching tattoos, cute idea.

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Girl Foot Tattoos

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3 Tats

My friend taught me how to draw this and it looks amazing as a tattoo!

Buzznetfrom Buzznet

30 Best Perks of Being a Wallflower Tattoos!

So True

True Dat


I Love

Love Quote For Her

What I Want

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Great quote

Cant Choose

Florence The Machines

Florence And The Machine Tattoos

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Like this quote

Sirens Quote

Sirens Lyric

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Tattoo quote | Tattoo Ideas Central. Would be a good accompaniment to my rib tattoo! maybe on the other side?

Lets Go

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"Sometimes you need to let things go."

Quotes In Italian Tattoos

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C'Est La Vie Tattoos

Latin Tattoo Sayings

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Latin Quote Tattoos

"Life is Beautiful" in Italian...aka my future tattoo...thinking the back of my neck

Buzzlefrom Buzzle

Fascinating Ideas for Meaningful Bohemian Tattoo Designs

Meaningful Bohemian

Nice Meaningful

The Birds

Get A Tattoo

Im Free Tattoo

Big Toe Tattoo

Compass Foot Tattoo

Ribcage Tattoo Quote

Body Ink Tattoo

32 Adventurous Tattoo Designs for Travel Addicts

Tattoo Placement For Quotes

Inner Forearm Tattoo Quote

Inner Arm Tattoos

Forearm Tattoos

Literary Quotes Tattoos

Book Quote Tattoos

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Literary Quotes Love

The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

Buzzlefrom Buzzle

Beautiful Wedding Band Tattoos to Immortalize Your Vows

Mom Memorial Tattoo

Memorial Tattoos For Grandparents

Memorial Piece

Grandparent Tattoos Ideas

Tattoos For Passed Loved Ones Grandparents

Daddy Memorial Tattoos Rip Dad

Grave Memorial

Grandchildren Tattoo Ideas

Dragon Fly Tattoo

Would love this with a dragon fly instead of the hearts for Aunt Delores. ❤

Henry David Thoreau

Wild Free

Tattoos Hearts 3

The Script

The Font

Simple Script

Nice Quote

Gorgeous Quote

Idea Quote

I think I found my next tattoo

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Of Of

Tattoo quote


Say What


Can T


Tattoos 3

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Side Quote Tattoos

Script Tattoos

"Words can't say what love can do" Now that's a great quote for a tattoo.

Pretty Designsfrom Pretty Designs

45 Tattoo Quote Ideas for Women

Feel Tomorrow

Strength Tomorrow

Spell Tomorrow

Tomorrow Quote

Nice Quote

Great Quotes

Quote 3

True Quotes

Awesome Quotes

40 Meaningful Tattoo Quotes To Get Inspired -'the pain you feel today , is the strength you will feel tomorrow ...

Mom Tattoos

Tatoo S

Future Tattoos

Tattoo Tree

Tattoo Women Tree

Rip Grandpa Tattoos

Rip Tattoo For Girl

Tree Tattoo With Quote

Angel Tattoo For Men

memorial tattoo, in memory tattoo, tree of life, memorial tattoo ideas, in memory of mom, Mother Tattoo

Tatts 3

Tattoos Piercings 3

Tattoo Piercing

Tats Tho

Tattoos Love

Future Tattoos

Spine Tattoos

You Are Strong

Remember This

you were given this life because you are strong enough to live it

Yoga Tattoos Ideas

Yogi Tattoos

Quote Tattoo Ideas

Spine Tattoo Ideas

Arabic Tattoos Quotes

Lettering For Tattoos

Arabic Letters Tattoo

Tattoo Ideas Arabic

Urdu Tattoo

If I were ever going to get a tattoo, this would be at the top of my list - no lie :)

Mother And Children Tattoos

Tattoo Children

Mother Child Tattoo Quotes

Mothers Love Tattoos

Kids Tattoo

Birthdate Tattoo Ideas

Initials Tattoo

Child Initial Tattoo

Childrens Birthdate Tattoo

so this is love. //

So True

Sooooo True

Sooo Bad

Nice True


My Style

Tattoos 3

Future Tattoos

Tattoos Google

"Without struggle there is no progress"