Impossible connection

Talk to your daughter before the beauty industry does. Wow.

This will never, ever get old

The Evolution Of Love In Less Than 5 Minutes. I love spoken word poetry, and Sarah Kay is the best.

He's Counting Down From 21, And By The Time He Reaches 15, My Stomach Is In Knots... tears in my eyes & goosebumps on my skin.

Sabrina Benaim - Depression

Adults and kids were asked the same questions, the answers will change the way you think.

you is kind, you is smart, you is important.

The Most Beautiful Way To Stop A Bully I've Ever Seen. "To This Day," is an emotional and inspirational poem by poet Shane Koyczan that puts a finger on the pulse of what it's like to be young and..."different".

Old Poetry | - Tracts :: Choice Poems :: Not Growing Old

"Practice does not make perfect. Practice makes permanent." Sarah Kay (Postcards)

AWESOME video to open up discussion and get students interested in poetry. Marshall Davis Jones : "Touchscreen"

WKBT News Anchor's On-Air Response to Viewer Calling Her Fat (Oct. 2nd, 2012)

Omg you need to WATCH THIS TED TALK RIGHT NOW It’s (almost entierly non-problematic) feminist: yes It talks about social ques given to children through kid’s movies and the whole Magical Quest trope: yes It talks about raising boys to respect women in a way that’s not just chilvarly: yes It’s written by a man: yes

Love it! Community: Six Slam Poems Every Woman Should Hear

22 amazing fitness, health, and happiness TED talks

Sarah Kay & Phil Kaye "When Love Arrives"

Sex, Marriage, & Fairytales.. Spoken Word. Amen.

"If I Should Have A Daughter (B)" spoken poetry by Sarah Kay

Look up

Cameron Russell: Looks aren't everything. Believe me, I'm a model.