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    A visit to Graceland - Home of Elvis Presley is a must for all Elvis fans. #ElvisPresley #Elvis Presley #Elvis #Graceland

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    A famous singer who was fired after his first performance at the Grand Ole Opry after being told "You ain't going nowhere son. You ought to go back to driving a truck."

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    Elvis Presley’s Hair

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    Elvis Presley is famous for his rock and roll music, in fact most people call him the King. Have you ever heard his version of old gospel songs?...

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    Oh yeah....I am a true baby boomer

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    Elvis Presley - Professional singer and Cultural icon. Famous: Helped establish the emerging Rock and Roll sound, incorporating blues and gospel influences. Later became a movie star and a live concert artist. One of the most influential and best selling recording artists of the 20th century. Born: January 8, 1935 Star Sign: Capricorn Birthplace: Tupelo, Mississippi Died: August 16, 1977 age 42 Married Life: May 5, 1967 wed actress Pricilla Beaulieu (21) at Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada

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Elvis Presley...classically handsome, phenominal charisma

Those words truly will go down in history. If you have ever been to an Elvis concert those words probably ring still in your memory bank. What a special man was our Elvis.

Radiant Elvis. (This is a man, little girls. Pay attention).

Happy Birthday to the king. Just swooned to "Love Me Tender" in your honor. "before Elvis...there was nothing." -John Lennon

My mother while attending Stephens College got to dance with Elvis. He and his buddies were on their last night out before shipping out to serve their country. He was just starting in the music field before the war, so he wasn't that well known at the time..My mother said the men could pick the young lady of their choosing to dance with, Elvis walked straight over to my mother....god I'm so jealous

Elvis Presley-thank god men have muscles now a days!!!!! Worm is NOT sexy Elvis!