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Sex can kill you faster than a bullet to the brain, especially if you're paying for it... Did you know that hundreds of American businessmen travel to Montreal every week for the sole purpose of meeting with young escorts? They're cheaper, less restrictive, and the cops turn a blind eye. What about the man who visits and becomes No1 suspect in the murder of one of the girls?

An old man who once bombed York returns to the city to make amends for what he was party to, and during his pilgrimage is murdered in Guildhall in York. Has he been killed by one of his party or by someone with an ancient grudge? Chief Inspector Sam Rounder investigates, while his private detective brother Rick Rounder falls for a woman he has been hired to shadow and finds himself accused of murder.

Amazon #1 Medical Thriller! Any reader who likes fast-paced medical murder mysteries with unexpected, but strong, male and female characters would like the Jack Bass Black Cloud Chronicles series. One of the more common comments from readers is that they like being immersed in stories that "feel so real." Book #1 of Jack Bass Black Cloud Chronicles.

Amazon #1 medical Thriller! This fast-paced medical murder mystery has earned a common comment from readers: “It had so much action on every page, I couldn’t put it down!” Book #2 of Jack Bass Black Cloud Chronicles.

The Dead One Stinks by Don Thompson ~ SYNOPSIS The richest man in Chicago is found dead from a drug overdose in the men’s room of his law firm, the prestigious Fenton, Pettigrew & Cohenstein. Find out what is funny about murder after attending the wake and funeral presided over by The Prophet Andy, head of The Evangelical Congregation of the Angel Gabriel. At the start of the 20th Century ,Walter E. Scott -- Scotty to his friends -- was passing through Death Valley, California, when he happened upon a dead man. Beside the corpse was a dog dying of thirst, and in the man's pocket was a piece of rock glittering with pure gold

Tears of Rage: From Grieving Father to Crusader for Justice: The Untold Story of the Adam Walsh Case.

Moosetookalook, Maine, has never seen so many bare legs walking its streets. It could only mean one thing: the Western Maine Highland Games are in town for the weekend. But instead of wondering who’ll win the hammer throw, everyone’s asking who got kilt…

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A Wanted Man

#Reacher series. | A Wanted Man | Lee Child, October 2012