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A stylish and useful little gadget: A usb stick that fits your key chain perfectly. Plus: Your friend won't lose it!

Because a man never grows out of his transformers fascination. team usb drives. DEPLOY. $14.25

I NEED this... Somebody should definitely purchase this for me. Today. Because it's my birthday. True story.

kitty usb hub... now if only I actually liked cats this would be really cute. Maybe there is a giraffe?

Steampunk USB drive - welcome to the retro-future ...

This looks great! A USB Powered Microscope that lets you take pictures of things you're checking out. $61.

I can't decide if this is awesome or creepy. Suckling Piggy USB Drive // haha! #productdesign

USB typewriter keyboard for your...iPad?! whaaaat?! I love what an oxymoron this gadget is, but FINALLY those of us Luddites who refuse to keep up with modern technology have an outlet to the past!!

How COOL!!! A typewriter that can plug into an ipad... It can still be used as a regular typewriter too!

Numlock USB Stick - my geek is showing! Too bad this was only a prototype and doesn't exist for sale