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Frank Sinatra.

(Previous pinners comment - good question)----> [Life is finite, and offers only so many chances. How many did you turn your back on to-date? The clock is ticking..]

Stop It

Very, VERY wise words....

30 Helpful Life Quotes

Every coin has two sides while our life brings both happiness and sadness to us. We don’t know when we will meet the happiness or the sadness. No matter what our life brings us, it can always make us grow and make we feel alive. When we are children, we want to be adults. However, …

I am so making this into something, but I will make it Zeta and so much more elegant! Love it!

Photo (Southern Charm)

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Inspirational Quote Poster - Albert Einstein "If you judge a fish"

Albert Einstein "If you judge a fish" reminds me of a little video I encourage new homeschool moms, actually all moms and das should watch it. Here is the link: To watch an inspirational little video called Animal School go to; Just copy and paste.

Bobby Umar on

We all make choices and we all have to live with the consequences. Just sad when some make choices based off misinformation from others.