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Apples, cinnamon, and toasty drinks are as much a part of autumn as red-gold leaves and slick yellow rain boots. Enjoy one of the signature scents of the season by cooking up your own spiced apple cider! Pair it with a cozy knitted blanket, a thick Russian novel, and a crackling fireplace, and you've got yourself one lovely night.

Autumn Leaves Falling | preserving autumn leaves c ollect and preserve autumn leaves to bring ...

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My favorite time of year. Can I find this place and sit here for about a month with a good book or two??

Colourful Leaves on Trees, Zion National Park, Utah, USA Photographic Print by Rob Blakers at

~Oh, yes, it is my favorite season now, there is my flannel shirt, and my coffee...or maybe I shall have hot chocolate this time....Crispy colored memories of fire, sunshine, and harvest moons lay around me. I can definitely ponder away...I think I shall write about the autumn of life today.

Mont Tremblant, Quebec. I'm about to pack my bags and go back home to this.

The perfect time of the year, when it's just cold enough for hot cocoa or coffee and cozy sweaters and not to cold to take long walks and enjoy the weather <3

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