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Tickle deodorant

Tickle Deodorant

Totally remember some of my friends using this...

Remember this

Remember this?!


I remember this. Lol.

Vintage Fisher Price Dog. Remember these.

Remember Bic Banana's?!!

The beginning of "all natural".

I remember that problem.

Tickle Bee



Vintage 1971 Fisher Price School

I remember this.

Critter Sitters notepad. I had this! And I still can't pass up cute notepads for my purse. :)

I remember this

1967 Lustre-Creme Shampoo Commercial - I loved this shampoo as a kid! It DID have a lot of lather... and it was a thick pink cream. Always wondered why they stopped making it.

Wow...the Old Taco Bell sign...remember this???