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  • Claudia Ross

    Tickle Deodorant- I used to LOVE this deoderant o much that I did a marketing clas project on it in high school. THen several years later I had a taxi driver driving all over Caracas fir me to find some as by then it was no longer sold in North America. Seeing this brought a smile.

  • Sheryl McBride

    Yep, remember this too! Tickle Deodorant

  • Becky Zadorozny

    Tickle Deodorant - pink color

  • B Steele

    70s: Tickle deodorant. My mother used this.

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Tickle Deodorant - I used to love seeing this on the shelves at the store. I always thought I'd buy it when I was old enough.

Bold Hold...for really BIG 80's hair!

when he first saw this toy, my teenage son, who had never seen an old-school cash register before, said, "What is that, Baby's First Slots?"

...or as I like to call it the first DJ practice machine...the tunes I could create with this...totally jammin out...rad.

Just made everything feel better. :)

I was thinking of this when I was looking up these pages, but couldn't remember the name. I got one of these for Christmas one year - must of been my big present. I can actually remember the smell!

Tickle Bee.( I loved my Tickle Bee, I wish I still had it.) You guided the bee through the maze using the magnet on a stick.

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