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This is pretty much my favorite description of love of me and my husband. He is weird, I am weird. He gets it. He is my best friend and makes me laugh. He is the cheese to my macaroni. He sands off the rough edges of my soul, and I him.

PFF Sisters! Shhh... PLS DON'T SHARE! Just 4 us! Love all the wonderful PFF Sisters I'm meeting on Poshmark! This is a place for us to chat. Come on in and make yourself comfortable! Please don't share this listing. It's just for me and my PFF's Other

POINTS and DETAILS is where you can come to start your search for inspiring ideas to consider in your homes, outdoors, or whilst you are enjoying those whatever, whenever and wherever moments.

Hello babes*, and bros. If you have a suggestion for one of the babetips let me know. I also have an advice blog, so if you are having any trouble at all you can message me there and I will answer as soon as possible. keep it classy. xoxo. -A