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I chose this infoposter because I like its unique look at color and how it effects our mood. I also enjoyed its layout with the colors of rooms in a house and their effects, as well as the color charts below. it gives the infoposter good balance and use of color and direction.

Real estate and mobile technology [Infographic]

Real estate is back! [infographic] Heck Yes! I picked a good time to get back into Real Estate in San Diego!

Housing Market Recovery - The housing market has seen a sharp uptick over the past several months, and it has the federal government to thank for it. Ever since the federal government handed out an eight thousand dollar home buyer tax credit and lowered mortgage rates in 2009, about a million new buyers have entered the market.

Real Estate Professionals & Social Media Infographic - Blog About Infographics and Data Visualization - Cool Infographics

SO important to understand your local market and the strategy needed to sell your home for YOUR particular circumstances and area. Do your homework before hiring a real estate professional to represent you with your most valuable asset... your home.

Should You Buy a Fixer-Upper? There are lots of questions you need to ask yourself before you venture into fixing up a Portland home. Have you ever done this before? Do you have a reserve of cash or financing in place? Have licensed and bonded contractors to help you? These are but a few.


Real Estate Scent Marketing. I personally recommend vanilla lavender from Bath and Body Works.