I want you for dumbledore's army.unless you havent read the books. Then I dont want you for anything, at all, ever.

J.K. Rowling being Rowling. Harry Potter.

30 day Book Challenge Day - A book that reminds you of home - The stories we love best do live in us forever. So whether you come back by page, or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.

Harry Potter is awesome

What's funny is, when I read this the voice in my head was the most interesting man in the world. I know that's the point, but it still made me giggle.

Harry Potter in the books vs. Harry Potter in the movies, from artist Robin Tatlow-Lord

Funny pictures about Book Harry Vs Movie Harry. Oh, and cool pics about Book Harry Vs Movie Harry. Also, Book Harry Vs Movie Harry photos.

Imagine if the characters from Harry Potter had a Snapchat account. This is exactly what that would look like.

The Lingering Death of a Meditation Practice

The Harry Potter x Mean Girls you never knew your life needed - lol! Seen too many great 'you can't sit with us' memes today

Harry Potter humor!  @Ana Maranges Fowler Triantafilledes

Harry Potter Characters Are Reimagined in Amazing Fan Art

Love it a Dementor giving away free kisses at a kissing booth, the irony is that they actually suck the happiness out of you.

27 Hilarious Snapchats From Harry Potter That I Never Saw Coming. I Can't Stop Laughing - Dose - Your Daily Dose of Amazing

28 Snapchats From Harry Potter

Jenny Weasley Rules!

Another reason why Harry Potter is Better than Twilight. Whenever I see things saying Twilight is better than Harry Potter, it seems as if they get more and more pathetic. Just like the Twilight fans.

Wat is Twighlight? whatever it is, it sucks and is WAY worse than Harry Potter which is EP!C and AWESOME!!!!!!

They're considering a Twilight theme park. [Incoherent sobbing] I don't want to live in a world where Twilight has theme parks

Harry Potter humor.. gotta love it :) Especially with the original, good Dumbledore! RIP! :'(

gotta love it, xxx Especially with the original Dumbledore, the incredible Richard Harris, xxx RIP, xxx