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poetry unit - Great way to begin my poetry throughout the year. Must try next year. It will tie in well with the visualizing we already do in writing.

Daily Five: Just Right Books LOVE the t-shirt analogy visual with this chart, like shoes but perhaps a little easier to understand

Part of becoming a strong reader is learning to pick books that fit you as a reader. A book should interest the child, but should also challenge him/her as a reader, but not so much that he/she can't comprehend the book. I definitely want to have a poster like this in my class someday because I want to do all I can to help my students become better readers.

My Little Bookcase | Blog | Reading Tip and Book List: How to choose the best books for toddlers : A love of reading starts with one special story

I love these posters for helping kids learn decoding strategies. Each strategy (chunking, stretching out the word, skipping the word and using the rest of the sentence to figure it out, etc) is associated with a cute little animal to help students remember the strategy. There is also a bookmark to download with just the animals to cue kids as they read. Great resource!

How about the kids creating an idiom alphabet book - Publisher?Word?PowerPoint?

Count to five or hold up one finger at a time when the class needs to refocus. Discuss what occurs for each number at the beginning of the school year and eventually the reaction will be automatic.

How To Choose "Just Right" Books Poster. Read a page, and on your fingers count how many mistakes were made when you get to the bottom of the page. 0-1 fingers, the book is too easy. 2-3 fingers, the book is just right for you. 4-5 fingers, the book is too difficult.

Novel studies at The Book Umbrella for grades 2-8!