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    When you hate your job. | 10 Ecards That Are Exactly Like Your Life.

    Soooo laughable. I can think of a few people this could refer to.

    Hahahaha look at the whole thing.

    21 Times Tumblr Told The Truth About Alcohol---the fact that it's a guy singing that is what makes it so

    Feed us… <--- LOL. I never saw a CPR dummy that looked like that and I have to renew every two years!

    Meanwhile in Walmart ...

    31 Things Only True Disney Fans Will Appreciate



    For sure hahhaha 777 I have to stop but I am sorry I am enjoying hahaha


    pretty much. :)

    adventures of george washington | ... to add captions to the adventures of George Washington (13 photos

    This is Literally what I think of Every time someone Seriously Pisses me off, which is almost Always.

    WARNING! Tumblr posts within. Reading required. [Part Whatever] - Imgur

    oh my gosh. haha

    Chris Hemsworth

    This is, quite literally, the best Marvel Cinema based Tumblr post ever. I SAY TO THEE, ANOTHER!!

    This is Sherlock, and Pirates of the Caribbean, and if you watched Thor The Dark World it's also that. THOR: You're mad! LOKI: Quite possibly, but if this was easy, everyone would do it.

    Hook, you've officially replaced Sheriff Skinny Jeans in my heart. Why the heck do I still watch this show?

    OUAT ♥ Snow and Emma

    That really is too true... and also the fact that his wife doesn't like when he's Tony Stark and it would give him an excuse to be Tony ALL THE TIME!

    Its bad that I was to the point that I really could have done this this is why I know it was to a point it shouldn't have go to