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fotografia lowcost1

Use a Dab of Vaseline to Take Vintage-Style Photos. Vaseline isn't just good for moisturizing your dry elbows and making your teeth glisten for your upcoming beauty pageant—it also gives your photos a great vintage feel.

Hope this is accurate because college professor #3 and nurse practitioner #4 are the two areas I plan to be in.

Infographic of the Day: The Best Jobs in America

Wendy McNaughton - shoud I check my e-mail?

"Should I Check E-Mail?" flow chart by Wendy Macnaughton. (Survey says. I'm going offline to see what this Outside thing I keep hearing about is.

Make the best of your 20's cheat sheet

Are you happy in your job? This fun resource—a one-page, “career cheat sheet”—from Sarah K. Peck can help you think through the question in a structured way. I asked Sarah a few questions about the career cheat sheet.

50 oggetti che tutti (o quasi) vorrebbero in casa!

Victorio Kitchen Products Banana Slicer Read the Comments! It is hilarious!

beyond salary

What to Look For in a Job Beyond The Salary Infographic is one of the best Infographics created in the Business category. Check out What to Look For in a Job Beyond The Salary now!

Il Diaframma - Fotografare in Digitale

Aperture explained in pictures. Shows how different aperture settings affect exposure.only one part of the exposure triangle.ISO and Shutter Speed are the other two.

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Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs and College Majors

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