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Reality! Hahahahahaha! Ain't it the truth?

If this doesn't cure my Nike "need" nothing will!

Directed towards basically any product that has commercials. Even food uses this approach nowadays.

adbusters does nike.

adbusted posters in toronto

everything is fine, keep shopping {adbusters}

our last & only chance, at survival of all life on earth, lies in the spontaneous mass rejection of the corporations abusing us & the planet. with me? don't be scared. without a paradigm shift, my generation, or possibly our children, will perish. wake up. feed your children well. teach your children well. babies are not toxic commodities for multinational corporations to manipulate at a cellular level for profit. neither are you. healthy babies, are made from breast milk & strong communities.

Actually, the lack of a six-pack is not a deal-breaker. [image from the ever-fabulous AdBusters]

Adbust by chelscore, via Flickr

adbusters [us] - february 2012