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  • Linz AD

    Where have all the Real Men gone? God No!....give me a real man any day.

  • Bailey Buss

    Where have all the Real Men gone? Like I said last night to my brother while watching an old Harrison Ford movie..."they just don't make men like that anymore!"

  • Katie Sunshine

    True story! No one is sexier than Indy and Sean Connery as Bond!!!

  • Debbie Cunningham

    Sean Connery. James Dean. Harrison Ford. Deep heavy sigh.....

  • Ruby Whybrow

    SO TRUE oh Harrison Ford is SO beautiful as Indiana Jones :) #bringthemback

  • Amanda Bartens

    Dump A Day 50 Funny Pictures Of The Week

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One of my favorite conspiracy theories. "So, you're not just an idiot, you also lack imagination?" would be my reply to the poor, boring victims.

I would like to say bull$@&t to this because honestly I'm a 16 year old girl and I will use whatever shampoo is near me at the time but my 21 year old brother has to have specific shampoo with like carotene and all kinds of other stupid stuff in it so no it's not always like this!!! And let's be honest some guys in this generation take longer to get ready than girls do!

Hahahah let's get on a ball and lift a shit ton of weights... Yeh lets see the results

No, you know you're old, when you remember playing on a Macintosh with a green screen and no mouse.

Yes! that's why i have a separate board just for pinning things I've done from here ;)

Oh, the dreaded man cold!!!

Original Pinner Said: "Om....whomever wrote this needs to go back to 1989 and get his/her-self a childhood! TLM was released in '89! #Checkyo'selfbeforeyouwreckyo'self #90sKids "

Kudos to all of them.... I'd probably ONLY wear heels to support such a cause!

i.just.died. "I didn't choose the boob life..."