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So true. Hockey is a very physical game and emotions run high. If a player is frustrated by the way the game is going, its better for him to get his frustrations out by fighting a willing opponent rather than making a dirty hit on another player and risking serious injury. People who don't know hockey shouldn't be allowed to voice their opinions on how the game is played.

No soliciting wood sign. Our son plays hockey we are too broke to buy anything. Hockey mom. by allstickeredup, $20.00

"If you can't take a hit..." Hockey Poster

Totally would have been true, except Tim and I went to our first hockey game ever 6 months AFTER our wedding LOL

Haha! So true. Especially the end of the regular season.....Yes!!!

Every hockey player RT this.

Being a baker and a hockey fan, I think of both lol

Once you get into hockey, all other sports suck.

That 60 minutes is when i let out all words i can't use at work

Keep Calm and Play Hockey from vintagefineart on etsy