Cute DIY: Turn a 2x4 into a large ruler for the wall, and record the height of your kiddos as they grow.

$5 +30 minute wooden growth chart. Who knew it was so easy. Click here for instructions.

Really want to make this over-sized ruler growth chart for marking the kids' height. So cool. Good instructions here on Matt Nicolosi's photog blog. ( i like the raised metal look)

Displaying children's artwork

DIY Time Out Chair

DIY Picture Ledge Shelves

Blank Height Chart

put legos in liquid soap for boys... for girls, use barbie shoes!! cute for kids bathroom

How to transfer a photo onto a slab of wood… for a unique diy photo display.. I know I will want this later in life


diy "Frosted" Privacy Window

I know my dad could do this!

When building a new house, fill the house with scripture before the walls go up! Love this idea! I did this in the 4 corners of ours!!

Large area rug DIY for under $30... For the apartment next year

Hanging up bibs on inside the cabinet doors - brilliant!

"ruler" growth chart.

Clipboard Kids' Art Display

Stacked wall frame

Hanging planters as wall storage for books, stuffed animals, toys

Airplane Swing - includes Tutorial - coolest swing ever.

good if you have a large family