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  • Michelle Morgan Albanese

    Truth, words to live by. Life. Would. Be. Simpler.

  • Beth De Vogelaere

    I Dont Care If You're Black, White, Gay, Lesbian, Short, Tall, Fat, Skinny, Rich Or Poor. If You're Nice To Me I'll Be Nice To You. Simple As That... #Quotes #Inspiration

  • A S

    Pretty sure everyone should live by this. True story.

  • Dorothy Hurst

    truth. I don't like mean people.

  • Kerri Bonasch

    A modern variation of Living the Golden Rule. Simple as that m

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That's comforting for those still figuring the whole life thing out

My philosophy -since the selfishness people are capable of can be overwhelming stick to this and you'll never be at their level...

In them is fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah: "'You will be ever hearing but never understanding; you will be ever seeing but never perceiving. -Matthew 13:14 NIV

Be kind and considerate. Sorry for being difficult these days. I am truly not like this, i don't know what happened. Don't let the good memories fade away because the bad stuff is easier to remember. just wanna talk, just miss you... just don't know ... #Fail

Your day will go the way the corners of your mouth turn.

This goes for anyone who treats you nicely, but is unkind to others.

So true. Every year gets better. Even when it's tough, it's because I'm getting better :)

Surround yourself with positive people ♥ ...good vibes make a good life #vibes #life #positive

Let's encourage each other to reach new heights! Let's reach goals... together:

It took me more than half of my lifetime to realize how much I love being alone. Solitary time is my most creative time. It is a time for expansion, not introversion. With no external interference, I can plumb the depths of my own being. I can commune with God and nature. I can dream, fantasize, and reboot for the times when I am not alone. Sigh.... I love being alone! (G. Lynne)

You create your own opportunities...I've got my paints, easel and Spirit working 24/7...let's do it together!!