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Meet Holly, one of the children featured in BBC2's "Great Ormond Street" which showed the extraordinary experience patients and parents go through with artificial Berlin Hearts. http://blog.gosh.org/patientsandparents/buying-time-for-holly/

Read about GOSH patient Georgia's experience of the official opening of Great Ormond Street Hospital’s Morgan Stanley Clinical Building, the first part of the Mittal Children’s Medical Centre. http://blog.gosh.org/patientsandparents/great-ormond-street-hospital-patient-georgia-meets-olympic-and-paralympic-legends-at-the-opening-of-new-clinical-building/

Three year old Misha has had a heart transplant and spent time with a mechanical “Berlin Heart”. His mum Millie tells us about their time at the hospital… http://blog.gosh.org/patientsandparents/our-nine-months-on-the-cardiac-intensive-care-unit/

A new study at Great Ormond Street Hospital has proven that lullabies have genuine health benefits for soothing poorly children and reducing their perception of pain, like Berlin Heart patient Samuel: http://blog.gosh.org/research/lullabies/

A huge well done to all of the GOSH patients who received their GCSE results yesterday! GOSH patient Ellen, who was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia and suffered a stroke as a child, achieved an incredible A grade in English. http://blog.gosh.org/patientsandparents/gosh-gcse-superstars/

Texas Children's Hospital Berlin Heart patient Leanny Rodriguez

A blog especially for Father’s Day. GOSH dad Trevor tells us the story of his children Ellie and Sam, who both have hyperinsulism: http://blog.gosh.org/patientsandparents/living-with-hyperinsulism/

“I’ve spent months crying with fear and now I just want to cry again!” Cody is one of just 10-12 children diagnosed with a vein of Galen malformation each year. Last night’s 'Great Ormond Street' saw him undergo surgery at GOSH. Find out how he’s doing now…http://gosh.sh/1SfLVfp

“I want to take part in the RBC Race for the Kids so that more children can get the expert care they need.” Read Kayde-Jo’s blog about her time at Great Ormond Street hospital.

Freddie was one of the first children to trial a new treatment at GOSH for a birthmark called a subglottic haemangioma, which was blocking 90 percent of his airway. Here’s his story: http://blog.gosh.org/patientsandparents/treating-subglottic-haemangioma/

The Berlin Heart

Help support children like Fiona. She was just 10 days old when she had an emergency tracheostomy to save her life and has faced a difficult series of operations in the five years since. http://blog.gosh.org/patientsandparents/fionas-first-five-years/

Berlin Heart for kids...

Berlin Heart for pediatric surgery

berlin heart- life saving heart machine for children. Texas Childrens Hosp.