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    Vintage gym suit

    High School Home Economics Class - Pinning because I actually took Home Ec in Junior High...and hated it!

    school dress ... girls could not wear pants & dresses could only be just above the knee...

    jungle gym

    Wax Lips - wear 'em, chew 'em and then spit 'em out.

    OMG Gym suits! This looks like the ones we had back in middle school

    1970's clothes - bell bottom pants and vests.I was only 4 at that time,....It would have been cool to wear stuff like

    Gym Suits! Hated these things!

    This was the first in a line of very popular baby dolls by Mattel (marked 1969, but first marketed in 1970) called "Baby Tender Love". As a sophomore in high school I begged for her for Christmas. She was the last baby doll I received. I've saved her all these years and she's still soft and lovable.

    First day of kindergarten, saddle shoes. I can see why my mom made me wear them. They are charming.

    I wore these in high school. They were very trendy in the 70's. Thinking of ordering a pair!


    Yep--this was *exactly* what we wore! Attractive, right?

    The exact Old Maid cards I had as a kid!

    Remember this!? this was the only perfume Grandma would wear in the 50's & 60's!!

    Serving the local community ... highly thought of back then!

    Oh yes remember these that mom made. !

    Body Suits

    Typing class

    we wear short shorts... >> That guy is totally rocking those shorts! :)

    Painter's pants!.. loved mine!