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  • Della

    school gymsuits

  • Sharon Knock

    The old high school gym suit - we hated these things.

  • Rebecca Etn

    Gym suits, Ugh! I was pretty athletic in school but I hated wearing these gym suits. Sometimes I would try and get away with wearing shorts and a T-shirt and still participate in P.E. but my teacher would give me a big fat F for not dressing out in that ugly blue gym suit! Yes, I was a rebel without a cause... ;)

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UGLY GYM SUITS Mine in high school were a nasty yellow, and we, being good Catholic girls had a skirt and gathered leg puffy panties.

Girls Gym Suits, 1960s - looked better than the gathered bloomers of the 50's!

Bonfires and leaf burning...when I was a kid, the whole family raked the yard and piled the leaves up to either burn or jump in! Even today, the smell of burning leaves instantly takes me back to those twilight nights of leaf burning.

OMG Gym suits! ours were RED!!!! This looks like the ones we had back in the early 60's, middle school

A pinner writes: 1968--school assembly- look at all those skirts. No jeans. Clean and combed hair. This was everyday look. This is how you dressed for school. Baby boomers time.

I remember how bell bottoms would get caught in the chain of your bicycle -- and then you'd fall over.

Each booth at the Drive In had one. You chose the tune, put a coin & sang along.

Loved gym class in grade school - HATED it in junior high when we had to wear these stupid gymsuits!!

1973 Style. Wearing dresses to school... No pants for girls

This young lady's Flip is proportionately huge. She reminds me of the little girls on Northern toilet paper that looked like they were wearing wigs. Does anyone else remember them?

Women’s gymsuits were one-piece garments that gave the illusion of separate shorts and tops. Each school would select one style and color of these “modestly constructed” garments as the required uniform for all of the girls in gym classes.

Jungle gym. Terrible when wet and freezing cold. Burning hot in summer. Girls wore dresses so wasn't the best for climbing, if you didn't want your panties showing.