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    • Zelda Villnave

      High school gym suit

    • Suzette Goldfinger

      This is NOT a good 7th grade we had to wear 1 pc. Gymsuits, but ours were stretchy and the bottom part hugged you tight so it felt like it kept trying to crawl inside of you. Yucky!

    • Rebecca Etn

      Gym suits, Ugh! I was pretty athletic in school but I hated wearing these gym suits. Sometimes I would try and get away with wearing shorts and a T-shirt and still participate in P.E. but my teacher would give me a big fat F for not dressing out in that ugly blue gym suit! Yes, I was a rebel without a cause... ;)

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    Smoking Cartoon Characters — I had forgotten all about these. They actually blew smoke rings. Imagine a toy like this existing today!

    Gold Rush Bubble Gum *** I LOVED THESE! ***

    Bazooka Bubble Gum

    Fizzies came back every few years, but quickly went away again. A great idea. If you can drop an Alka-Seltzer into a glass and get a fizzy stomach drink, why not drop a fruit- or root beer-flavored tablet and get an instant soda? Because some brands or flavors had an Alka Seltzer/baking soda-type taste, that's why. I remember these from 1966. And 1972. And even from 2010 (Kool-Aid's version, of which grape was the best flavor). Someday someone will get it right. Back to the drawing board ...

    elementary school.

    Original 1960's Fuzzy Wuzzy Bear Soap with Original Box and Bag | I remember this soap. After you used it you let it sit and it would grow "fur".

    my grandpa used to put so many of these on the tree you couldn't tell it was green. And he would put the tree away with it all still on so he could use it next year!

    1960s Pik-Up Sticks #Vintage #Toys can do this with straws, dump in a pile and try to pick them up without moving the others....for little can work on fine motor skills

    IN a toy gun or with a hammer - remember the smell! Paper Roll Caps For Toy Guns 1960


    How About A Nice Hawaiian Punch?


    1960s Secret roll on deodorant looked. Wow, I almost forgot that it looked like this.

    Sweet memories of carrying my offering to church in this every week. I'd also pretend the opening was a mouth and made it talk.

    ID bracelets - at my school in the 1960s boys gave girls their ID bracelets when they were going steady.

    1960s toys - Google Search

    Hairdrying 1960s style - I remember sitting with the plastic bonnet on and you couldn't hear anything, lol!

    Remember making snow cones with this

    Fortune Tellers... OMGOSH ! Did these thingy's alllll the time ! Sooo Funny to think back on the good ole days :)

    Mr. Peabody and Sherman [The Rocky & Bullwinkle Show]

    Wore dresses like this.

    Firework Snakes

    Vintage gym suit

    Hand held transistor radio with leather case.