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Precious black and white photo of a sister holding her newborn sibling! Love this idea for sibling and newborn pictures! #photography #family #ideas #inspiration

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Love This


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Our hands! Daddy, Mommy, Big Sis and Baby Brother. (We stood in front of each other and held our arms out to the side. It was a bit tricky, but our awesome photographer got it!)

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Oh my gosh! Adorable idea with big brother/sister and new baby!

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Love this pose with Mama, newborn baby and big sister. (Abi and Anna, tagging you in this because I know you're often on the lookout for photo poses and this is just so sweet @Abbey Adique-Alarcon Barnard and @Anna Totten Totten Grey )

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Sweet bond between siblings

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Newborn photography with sibling sweet baby boy big sister / Sugar Snap Studio

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so sweet...big sister or big brother shot checking on their new baby brother/sister.

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big sis + the wee little one - sweet!

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Definitely want the picture on the right! Too sweet!

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big brothers with their newborn sister

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When I saw this pic I couldn't help remembering the love I had for my baby's feet :) I got a grandbaby coming soon, I think I'll carry on this tradition :)

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