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GOSH patients Louis, 7, and Marni, 14, went to our Christmas parties this week. Louis wrote us this note afterwards. Read both their reports and watch Marni’s interview with Doctor Who star Arthur Darvill on our blog.

A very Merry Christmas to all our supporters. Thank you for all your support in 2012. We hope you enjoy this video of our patients at their very own Christmas party.

Who are the patients behind our new advert? And why are they in hospital? Read our blog to find out who they are and how you can help them:

Great Ormond Street: My mum’s going to watch from behind a cushion!

"My mum's going to watch from behind a cushion!" Patient Jack features in tomorrow's episode of 'Great Ormond Street'. Find out more about Jack, what it's like living with epilepsy and why he agreed to be filmed over on the BBC blog...

Optic Nerve Hypoplasia (ONH): A Mother's Perspective

Optic Nerve Hypoplasia (ONH): A Mother's Perspective. LeAndra Lee writes about her daughter, Abigail, who is diagnosed with Optic Nerve Hypopalsia and Septo Optic Dysplasia. LeAndra explains what ONH is and how it affects Abigail.

Anophthalmic Socket Expansion

Cecily Morrison writes about her son Ronan, who has anophthalmia. She explains what anophthalmia is and describes his treatment in detail. They are expanding his eye socket so that a prosthesis can be worn later. The expansion also helps his face grow evenly.

"We’ve always said to him: 'Spina bifida is what you have, it’s not who you are'" Mum Nadine tells eight-year-old Jude's story:

A blog especially for Father’s Day. GOSH dad Trevor tells us the story of his children Ellie and Sam, who both have hyperinsulism: