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If you're feeling blue - try painting yourself a different color - Hannah, age 8. #kids #quote #motivation

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Laughter, Inspiration and Love - Take what you need

thoughts of the day Positive thought- o2l kian lawley

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Robot Check

So true, so true. This is especially true when dating. If your dog doesn't like him, then he probably won't treat you well.

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Words Hurt: Put An End to Bullying

Be sure to taste your words before you spit them out words can hurt u have to be careful with your words they can hurt

What about the font? Is Comic Sans really passe'? And can you use capital letters OCCASIONALLY without being RUDE? Must your margins be left or right, and never straight, or is that all a state of mind? All I know for certain is that punctuation saves lives: "Have you eaten, Grandma?" is safe; "Have you eaten Grandma?" is decidedly not.