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lololololol! Its so interesting when Doctor who and the makeup world combine!

And in this moment I was a Whovian and grabbed his hand and ran!

This Plane Goes to Gallifrey With a Short Layover at Hogwarts-WHY WAS I NOT ON THIS PLANE?

Because it doesn't need a powersource, it just needs to be wound up, and then it's self-sustaining until it winds back down again. That's freaking terrifying. Plus, clockwork is cool.

If you don't get it... Go to YouTube and look up animal crackers (BBC voice-over) it's fucking hysterical!!!

why did i just figure that out? Easy, because clockwork can be made out of almost anything, making them easier to produce out of anything someone could get their hands on. Making it so anyone could invent a terrifying monster.

Oddly enough this diagram makes that. Quote seem less frivolous and light hearted and more insightful and enlightened. Or maybe I'm just a nerd.

REALLY THOUGH. I guess it's because that's something that could realistically occur here? Creepy Doctor Who villains...

The eyebrows of a Time Lord... sorry Matt <------just snorted at that

I must be alien... Matt Smith says so... He said "if you don't cry during this... You must be alien."

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