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Miss Frizzle is totally a Time Lord

Yes, a million times yes.

Time is not a line.

Doctor Who: All of time and space

He is a TIME Lord

So much fun in one plane.

Every time.

Me, every time!!!

'I'm playing a game of Nighttime-Daytime, wanna play?!' If you haven't seen that youtube video, you must...

@Emily Schoenfeld Schoenfeld Schoenfeld Halper Lambert : Might this help you get through homework?

Because when David Tennant cries... it's all over

Benedict and Martin with Martin's kids. TOO CUTE

Peel On, Peel Off ... Keep your friends close, but the potatoes closer

Justice league

Once Upon a Time Lord

He still gets me every time! <3

Day of the Doctor. That's right, so many more options are open now. The Time Lords can come back!! What gets me now though is how this fits in with 'The End of Time' and the whole Time-Lords-planning-the-destruction-of-the-universe thing.

The eyebrows of a Time Lord

Aladdin is a Time Lord!