Free Montessori Printable Parts of a Whale

Free printable: parts of a baleen whale Montessori 3 part cards

52 Questions to Ask Children: Free Printable Q&A Journal

52 Questions for Children Journal: a free printable template to create a QA keepsake journal. A fun family tradition for birthdays and New Years eve!

Vertebrates vs. Invertebrates Picture Sorting Cards {Montessori printables

Invertebrates Picture Sorting Cards: Use these Montessori-style picture cards featuring 2 category labels and 22 animal pictures to help your children understand the difference between vertebrate animals (those with a backbone) and inverte

Crazy For Clip Cards!

Free alphabet and counting clip card printables. Learning the alphabet and vowel sounds, and counting up to twenty is fun and easy with these cute clip card matching games.

Animals of the Wetlands Montessori 3-Part-Cards

This set of Montessori 3 part cards includes 10 animals from the wetlands in both d'nelian and century gothic font.

Land, Water, and Air Montessori Presentation

Montessori Continent Map Work

"Round-up of Montessori Continent Map Work. Geography is a big part of Montessori curriculum- these are all DIY activities to help kids explore maps.

Our Montessori Inspired Homeschool Plan for Preschool (2.5-4 years)

Free Montessori Curriculum List & Resources {Printable

In this post, we share a free Montessori curriculum list of the top 10 Montessori works that are perfect to introduce and work through for ages (or younger, if they're ready).

Rainbow Science: Creating Light Patterns with a CD

French Arctic Animals Pack - Les animaux de l'Arctique

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