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for piano room! Also, this would be better with sheet music in the background instead of newspaper print.

Music therapy is used to help improve or maintain some clients health by using music experiences. Therapists use this to improve motor, social, and behavior skills, emotional and affective development, and cognitive functioning. This is one type of therapy that I will research throughout my project.

Like to have pianolessons. Dream of playing the piano fairly well. I practiced piano about 35 years ago.

Steinway Stil Life (by springm / Markus Spring)

17. Play the piano in the middle of nowhere. To be completely honest I daydream about this sometimes.

Sometimes I need to focus and just want something soothing on in the background. My remedy? A great classical or New Age piano station on Spotify. Try it!

Piano... I used to love to lock myself in a practice room at college and just play and play...

I learned music but I wish it had been on violin or piano rather than clarinet :/

The Rules To Always Being A Lady - trust me ladies, these qualities are attractive. Class is defined by elegance and dignity not by vulgar language~~love that! :)

Life has a way of working out just when you start to believe it never will. #affirmations #wisdom

So true!!! Love this!! Music is good for the soul!!!