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  • Wendy C-R

    Reminds me of camping in France & the bread van delivering in the morning :0)

  • Carolyn Bistline

    Inspiring picture bread, food, france, paris, photography. Resolution: 400x507 px. Find the picture to your taste!

  • Sonya Norman

    French baguette delivery. I am moving to Paris just for this. ;) They eat carbs too. Viva la France!

  • Mallory Dixon

    French baguette delivery. dream. come. true.

  • Rachel Ellrich Miller

    Now this is a food truck ;o) (Renault 4 by carlmonus)

  • Megan Franco

    this is my husband's dream car! (b/c of the bread)

  • Jake Kaempf

    The smell of fresh baked bread always reminds me of Paris.

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Himschoot Bakery | Ghent - Tradition of the local bakery shop - long gone from city and town in most places but the window view exist in our memory, in this local shop it still exists. LOVE this it bring back so many fond memories of visiting our local Bakery as a child. This is where the Cookie Club started, wish I was a kid again....dh

This will be like what my kitchen will look like. I'll need to control my baking issues for my family's sake.

Had to pin this because it makes me think of Rachel I want to open a bakery!

Too much "wood" for my taste but like how everything is presented in baskets, on plates, or in packages with labels. Love that chalkboard name piece on the left

If I had a special place I could work from- it would be this.

Would like a small refrigerator with glass sides, much like this pie display case. I would set it on the kitchen island to display prepared appetizing super healthy salads & snacks for the day. Set out prewashed servings of fruit & raw veggies & superfoods, & healthy drinks to get ur nutrition for the day.

love this entire space... it would be strange to have so little color, but I love it!

My best friend the other day asked me why I like bread so much. I honestly don't know why either but they're just so yummy (especially when they're fresh from the oven). Mmmm, looking at this picture makes me hungry. Croissants are one of my favorite!