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you are kidding me!

"notes from Chris" a project by Todd Lamb. He posted this and other ridiculous notes all over NYC-click through to read the rest.


Notes from Chris - " I need help shoving into candy bars. If you have access to nickels, bring those with you"

I feel like this is so OITNB au... She gets Franzi to kiss her by saying that she has to look at her eye--

Notes from Chris: Pranking New Yorkers One Fake Sign at a Time

Hey mama

MARRY THIS GUY.<---This is legit so cute omg she better marry him right now, do you realize what a great husband (and if they had kids) dad he would be? Just awww so adorable.

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Chris Seems Like A Pretty Great Guy…

notes from chris. i really wish i lived in nyc, i would totally meet up with him for a light beer.

That's right! If you're caught and have lied to a faithful partner.... "Happy hunt!"

Scorned girlfriend pens scavenger hunt breakup letter for cheating boyfriend so awesome lmao

Lmfao just seen it & duck one to follow after I figure out how to do this!

Saw this on campus

Found dog. Now we are bros so he's staying. Don't call, Don't make it weird.

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My Feelings ❅ on

I do not like sponge bob but I think this every Sunday Night "Weekend you get back here.