• Linda Critchley

    Ragdoll cats are bred to be big, beautiful creatures that are both affectionate and loyal to their human owners. They are extremely interested in people and will follow you around the house or greet you when you arrive home from work....Ragdolls tend to be great with other domestic animals and children, they are inquisitive and intelligent and genuinely just enjoy company. think I need a ragdoll kitten.

  • Kristen Bizzarro

    I love a ragdoll and a russian blue persian cat

  • Sandra Gregory

    Blue eyed white kitten

  • August and Grace

    Ragdoll kitty. I really want adopt a rag doll kitten they a just to cute. I'v got a nintendo game called Catz 2 and I have adopted a ragdoll kitten on it.

  • Lauren Frank

    Ragdoll kitten - look at those big blue eyes!

  • KewlBeauty

    White Persian kitten with blue eyes - baby pets and small animals / cute kitten

  • Casandra Peña

    Cutest Kitten EVER!

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