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Marilyn Monroe...

  • Rene' Andre'

    The moronic health care givers that were supposedly there to help her mental state, prescribed sedatives and tranquilizers... which just made things worse. She was VERY talented, but the assholes in Hollywood never took her seriously and only derided her unsteady behavior problems and of course condemned her marriages. The only thing everyone wanted to see was a wiggling, bouncing exposed cleavage, duck faced over the top sex object... - more -

  • Rene' Andre'

    Marilyn hated it. She tried to fight back, but died before she could reinvent herself. This is why I adore her....not as the sex symbol, but as the human being she fought so desperately to be.

  • Micky D.

    Thank you Rene. I've always been of the same opinion! Marylin is my inspiration to be a better mother to my daughters. Not because she was perfect. The exact opposite in fact. She was flawed, as we all are. My hope is to show my girls you can be both beautiful and intelligent and not be afraid to show it!

  • Em

    I totally agree with both of you and sad that she never knew just how much the world admires and loves her 50yrs after her passing. I have painted her a few times and there are a couple of photos of her that are calling to me to paint. I totally admire the depth of her too. Reminds me Rene to research some more of her writings..and Marilyn would be no doubt thankful to the both of you for your kindness and insightfulness.

  • Rene' Andre'

    Another thing that I just cringe over, is how cross-dressers and female impersonators mimic Marilyn in almost buffoonish and unflattering ways. She would not be impressed or find it complimentary. The only photos that I like of her are the ones where she is fully clothed and candidly herself. The sex kitten stuff is garbage.

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Marilyn Monroe and JFK

Marilyn Monroe & kitty

Marilyn Monroe in red halter dress.

marilyn monroe

The extraordinarily photogenic Marilyn Monroe.