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Then it was time for him to get down to business. Yes, it was time for the male lion to mate with a female, because it was mating season for them.

This drive started out slowly, and we barely saw any animals during the first hour of the drive. You can tell things were going slow, because our guide actually let us take pictures of Impalas at one point.

Now all I can think about is how to do I get better equipment for my own photos. This trip has cost me a lot more than I would have thought when you add in all of the new photo gear I need to purchase!

While the clouds in the air had all of the makings of a beautiful sunset, I can honestly say that the sun sort of fizzled out without any of the beautiful colors I would have hoped to see at dusk. It may have had something to do with the tree lines or perhaps just poor positioning. I got some cool sky photos, but nothing I would consider great or desktop image worthy.

I did happen to peek backwards, though, and noticed an awesome group of Giraffes looking at us in the distance. I really love how this shot came out.

Then as we were driving around at night, our guide Mike put the car into reverse because he saw something in the bushes. We go back, flash the spotlight and BAM, there’s a 5 year old male lion looking right at us!

After the sun came up we started looking for animals. We saw some Giraffes (old news by now after the field of them we saw the night before), and that was the only animal photo I got that morning. If we hadn’t just seen a bunch of animals the night before, I might have been disappointed.