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2016 桜 簪【 朧 -八花- 】【 朧 -六花- 】出品いたしました

Japanese Hair, Hair Ornaments, Wire Crafts, Hair Pieces, Hairpin, Pretty Hair, Dips, Resins, Plastic Flowers

Auction page ▶http://page4.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/d170194931   Flickr ▶http://www.flickr.com/photos/sakaefly   Photo by Ryoukan Abe (www.ryoukan-abe.com)    2015 月下美人 簪【 千夜一夜 】 A Queen of the Nigh - Kanzashi - by Sakae, Japan

The material is Wire & Liquid synthetic resin. It is a craft called "Dip flower". 2015 A Queen of the Night Kanzashi

drooping cherry blossom resin flower

Delicate Resin Flowers Bloom with Unusual Technique

Cherry blossom kanzashi hair ornament by Sakae made of thin resin and brass wire

Pet plastic jewelry/TheCarrotbox.com modern jewellery blog : obsessed with rings // feed your fingers!: Gulnur Ozdaglar / Kathy DellaValle / Mirjam Hüttner

How fitting: a liquid container recycled into a flower that grows on water. Turkey's Gulnur Ozdaglar takes plastic bottles and turns them .

2013 紫陽花 簪 【 水の器 2013 】Hydrangea 02 | by 榮 ‐sakae‐

-Hydrangea- 】 Japanese hair accessory - Hydrangea Kanzashi - by Sakae, Japan …