aleksei bedny.


This picture shows black and white arms in a way uniting together. White and black racism is one of the oldest forms of racism that has been around since slavery and has not yet completely stopped. This picture shows black and white arms baring together in an effort of art to stop racism.

Portfolio of MSTSIKD: アーカイブ

Very creative image by Dios de Jacob. Açık Sheet Music Montage :: Coney Island 1950 (by Harold Feinstein)

We really love this dramatic, high-contrast black-and-white photo of Tamachi, Tokyo, 2012 (via Shin Noguchi). #photography #inspiration #blackandwhite #black&white

Follow Rent a Stylist Man Walking Down The Stairs by Tom Cuppens. °

marionblank: ©Marion Blank, Campagne, 2012 fall+2014 inspiration art photography clouds black+and+grey style fashion home j+brand jbrand

through to you by Witta Priester

Stripes watch. I love watches!

Lucid Solitude

Black Striped Mylar Balloons...LOVE THESE to go with a black / white / stripes / polka dot and mustache theme. all balloons have to be mylar since PRMS is a latex-free bldg Could easily create using white or silver solid mylar and striping w black, wide-tipped Sharpie.

Photo by Brian Jadg Mauritzen

read and think. And I just want to scream it out to people SOMETIMES and to myself SOMETIMES too

I’d love a framed print of this photo by André Gimenes Pillmann. The black, white and red are SO me!

People standing on various levels of steps emphasize the vast spaciousness of a large stairway.

Black & White