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  • ashley brown

    Beautiful! The espn body issue: gymnast alicia sacramone

  • Daniella Goldenberg

    Alicia Sacramone- It was probably right after I made my comeback -- after retiring post-2008 Olympics -- when I finally felt more at ease with my body. Being away from the sport helped put things in perspective. You realize, "Oh! In the real world, I'm not fat. I'm actually in shape." And as I've gotten older I learned to appreciate my body as it is; I learned how to work with it. -ESPN W + The Body Issue

  • SergeyK

    Oh So Sexy & Oh So Fit : Photo

  • Ryann Schultz

    A pretty image. No naked balance beam for me though, thanks. ;) Alicia Sacramone

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Awesome slide show! Great advice for eating right and working out the easy (and correct) way. (don't worry you won't have to do that pose on a balance beam lol) Every woman should feel Confident and beautiful in everything you look Much younger and fresher, no matter how old You are!

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