Wildflowers Field, Castelluccio, Umbria, Italy. I need to go here and just walk bare foot <3

Tree of Life

Poppy Field Sunset, Provence, France

beautiful! #sunset

The Magic Tree. There's a poem that goes with it. Click on Susan Noyes Anderson poems (below) to read it. #magic #trees #poems

Light streams through a lovely tree....

A great place to escape too... #JetsetterCurator

Church of Trees, Belgium

The moon through the trees

20 Amazing Pictures of Natures Creativity - Trees #AmazingPictures #AmazingPlaces http://www.fun-facts-pics.auk2.com/pics/beautiful-overview-of-bora-bora

Wildflowers and a setting sun by Navdeep Singh

red poppies ~ reminds me of the poem, "In Flander's Field"

Birch Tree Autumn, Crested Butte, Colorado

Gold and Red, The Netherlands

Autumn Lake Sunset <3

Hazy summer days gone by of pretending you were off somewhere else on some sort of a glorious expedition.

Damse Vaart at sunrise - Damme, Belgium