Stop the coughing at night and sleep-rub 4-6 drops of Eucalyptus oil on the soles of their feet. That's more coughs....(I'll be glad I pinned this someday!)

Peppermint oil is a must have for fever.

I love Vicks. Use it for everything. Weird that putting it on your feet stops cough but it really works!

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No sinus infections in the house for years. When we get stuffed up we get relief in under a minute, and it doesn't settle or move into the chest. Inhale it from the bottle, or put a few drops on a tissue or cotton swab to carry around/ sleep with. When it is all of us I put 20 drops or so with a cup or 2 of water and simmer on the stove for a few hours. That also prevents colds from spreading(anitbacterial and antiviral). One person I know puts it in her vacuum when she vacuums.

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Salt Sock: The BEST Natural Relief for Ear Infections - They are super easy to make, super cheap and you will be amazed at how well they work!

Homemade sleep body spray for natural sleep remedies

Natural Tick deterrent for human use: 1 part tea tree oil to 2 parts water in a spray bottle and spray it on - particularly shoes, socks, or cuffs of pants

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Make your own healthy homemade eczema cream with this super easy eczema cream recipe. Do you have “eczema?” Know someone who does? It seems like everyone does, ...

Cough remedy. I need to remember this.

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Lea’s Scar Away recipe In a 5ml roller bottle (you can use a different bottle if you want) add: 4 drops Helichrysum Helichrusum italicum es...

Young Living Essential Oils: Lemon for Anemia

Tick repellent essential oils recipe. Re-Pinned publicly by :)

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Ear Remedy - always helpful to know

Pain Relieving Coconut Oil Arnica Salve Recipe Coconut Oil Arnica Salve 2 cups coconut oil .6 ounces dried arnica montana flowers ½ cup beeswax granules (scant) ¼ tsp. peppermint essential oil (optional) ¼ tsp. lavender essential oil (optional) Coconut Oil Arnica Cayenne Salve 2 cups coconut oil .6 ounces dried arnica montana flowers 3-6 tbsp. dried cayenne powder ½ cup beeswax granules (scant) ½ tsp. rosemary essential oil (optional)