Truer words are hard to find.



hahahaha this makes me laugh so hard.

Haha! This made me laugh too hard!

xD This is what happens. Except I have a Mac but it's pretty much the same alert :P

Seriously true!

Skyrim on different resolutions. I laughed too hard.

starting is the hard part.

Sherlock Holmes carrying an Iron Man lunchbox: BEST.

Things to do when my internet connection is being slow

xD I didn't think of that one. That's a good one :3

super disney heros

Yessss.... XD

Lol oh the sad truth

Oh good, boneless bananas are so hard to find!

Haha, so true.

The Night Out Vs The Morning After

The glorious moment when you're cutting wrapping paper and the scissors start to glide.

So True...If your immune system was a manga character. The most accurate description of what it's like being allergic to cats.