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I'VE BEEN PINNED..!!! YAYYY!! love u zara.. and miss u.. #greatdane by Sally Ghally on flickr

#Great #Dane #puppy....What unusual marking for a Dane, but he'll definitely be a standout

Fostering a tiny puppy for the SPCA. So so cute.

This is so awesome! I'd love one of these paintings :) don't have to be blood to be family or care about someone...awe, too cute♥

What did you do to my blanket little brother I did nothing I square and why do you still sleep with your blanket ab

His note mentioned that he "just couldn't take the discount dog food anymore."

windows to the soul by susansabophotography on Etsy, $25.00

I see so many police abuse their power that it's good to have a reminder, however remote, they aren't all bad.