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Natural Coastal Wedding Ideas


best places in the world: waterfalls (pic source: )



Never waste time trying to explain who you are to people who are committed to misunderstanding you.

freedom | road trip | wanderlust | free | rebel | wind in the hair | foto arriba auto o por la ventanilla

Live in the sun, love on the beach, and prosper in the ocean. Follow @Eigthy6sunnies #Eighty6Sunnies



barefeet & summer I absolutely love to be barefoot, if I could I would be all the time!!! However, it is highly recommended I am never barefoot :( I will be for as long as I can!!!

One of my favorite simple pleasures. Dragging my hand with fingers spread in the water from any boat.

It's not as scary to take a leap of faith when your friends are leaping with you

Moment: Quiet. The colors in this picture make it seem calm. The girl is in a quiet place by herself