seriously..... this movie took my BREATH away with these sexy sexy men ;)

I can tell you that without even seeing the movie, it deserves accolades out the wazoo.

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Brad Pitt in Legends of the Fall - His character Tritan is my 'movie character' boyfriend. Oh and by the way, my husband is well aware of the ridiculous crush I have on 'Tristan'.

One of the best lines in MIB

That is suspicious…

one of my favorite lines ever. Men in black. Then I saw little Tiffany and I'm thinking you know white girl in the middle of the ghetto with monsters this time of night with a quantum physics book. She about to start something zed.

Best ever! mon fantasme de petite fille, c'est surement à cause de ce film que j'aime les bad boys rocker lol merci patrick!!!

Dirty Dancing

Patrick Swayze Dirty Dancing - oh how she loved this man :) My very favorite movie. I am going to have them play Time of My Life at my funeral.

adam levine - white shirt

Adam Levine from Maroon 5 always looks good. His impeccable style is topped off with this neat classic hair style

This may be the moment we all fell in love with Ryan Gosling.  Yep..

This may be the moment we all fell in love with Ryan Gosling. This is one of my favorite parts of the movie. He's aggressive, then so sweet.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter